The most popular use of RapidRoll 660 FrigoRoll cold storage doors from Albany Door Systems is in warehouses where easy, high speed access to cold storage rooms is a necessity. These doors are extremely tough with long working lives making them ideal to endure the difficult conditions these environments present. Their design incorporates a built in heating system which will secure reliable operation in temperatures as low as -40 degrees celsius.

The door curtain on these cold storage doors is made from extremely rigid, tear resistant, coated fabric. The fabric seals against moisture and drafts and is chemical, weather and puncture resistant. It comes in three standard colours; blue, orange and grey.

These cold storage doors can move up to speeds of 3 metres per second which makes them ideal for separating areas with extreme temperature zones and in highly frequented deep freeze transport and stock areas. They will prevent drafts and heat loss as well as reduce energy costs.