Airport Doors  is a provider of custom made and standard doors for use in homes, commercial units and industrial areas in Australia. Apart from doors, Airport Doors also provides door operators, gate operators and door accessories. Products from Airport Doors comply with the Australian standards of design and quality.

The types of door and gate operators provided by Airport Doors include roller door operators, sectional door operators, swing gate operators, sliding door operators, industrial operators and the like. These door and gate operators from Airport Doors are used to operate doors and gates efficiently and without much effort. Most of these door operators from Airport Doors are quiet and have controlled starts and stops.

Door and gate accessories from Airport Doors include digital remote control – handsets, digital remote control – receivers, command keypads – interior wall buttons, command coders – interior wall digit keypads, command key switches, special photocells, gate and hinged accessories and many more. These door and gate accessories from Airport Doors available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions to suit various customers needs.