Airport Doors  provides doors for residential, commercial and industrial sectors across Australia. These doors from Airport Doors can be custom built according to customer needs and requirements. Airport Doors is committed to using durable and sturdy materials for all its doors.

The major products from Airport Doors include sliding doors, roller shutters, roller doors, roller grills, sectional overhead doors, spring balance doors, counterweight doors, high speed doors, door operators, gate operators and other accessories. These doors and accessories from Airport Doors comply with the Australian and international standards of design and quality. Airport Doors also provides repair and maintenance services for each of its door and gate products on a regular basis.

Special applications from Airport Doors include ramp doors and custom made doors. Ramp doors from Airport Doors are suitable for areas such as underground car parks and carports. These are hydraulically operated and are easily installed by experts from Airport Doors.

Custom made doors from Airport Doors are built exactly according to the specific requirements provided by customers. One of the most recognised customised designs provided by Airport Doors are found at the Federation Square.