Airconditioning & Electrical Services Aust . provides air conditioning, heating and cooling system services on a regular basis to the customers. On failure of power or the air conditioning system, it also provides breakdown service. The various air conditioning systems covered by the company are cassettes, roof units, wall mount splits and split ducted systems.

Airconditioning & Electrical Services Aust offers preventive maintenance to regulate the working of air conditioning systems and electrical systems. This preventive maintenance ensures regular cash flow because when a breakdown happens, a large sum is spent as repair cost which interrupts cash flow. When a regular maintenance is carried out, it also prevents the equipment downtime and reduces the running costs. Life and safety of the equipment can also be increased.

When air conditioning systems are poorly maintained, it leads to spread of micro organisms which may cause Legionnaires’ disease. The various air conditioning and water systems that are prone to micro-organisms are hot water systems, misting equipment, room-air humidifiers, showers, evaporative coolers, central air conditioning systems and whirlpool spas. The electrical services offered by Airconditioning & Electrical Services Aust thus helps customers to prevent various illness.