Airconditioning & Electrical Services Aust.  supplies and installs a range of cassettes, split ducted systems and wall mounted split systems. Apart from the air conditioning systems, the company also offers installation services.

As the name suggests, split air conditioning systems are divided into two parts. The outside unit consists of a condenser and a compressor to be mounted on the wall of the building. The inside unit comprises of an evaporator which can be mounted in the ceiling or on the interior wall of the room to be cooled. The split system occupies less space and allows several interior units to be connected to a single exterior unit. The split system reduces interior noise, which is suspended to the exterior.

Split air conditioning system serves as a good alternative to bar and oil heaters for heating rooms. It works very efficiently by saving 70% of the power consumed. A 1KWsplit system is capable of outperforming a 1KW bar heater. This may reduce the effluence, thereby causing little effect on the environment.

Unlike other systems, split systems from Airconditioning & Electrical Services Aust. do not run all the time or cause fire. A program can be set to maintain uniform temperature and to automatically on and off whenever needed. Installation services for this system require minimal labour.