Aerostone  offers an extensive range of wall masonary system, blocks and panels. Aerostone has specifically developed a cavity wall masonary system for West Australian market called twin panel system. The twin panel system was produced by using the CSR Hebel 100 and 75 millimetres thick panels. The twin panel system has excellent thermal values at R 1.5. The twin panel system is strong and easy to install and has good acoustic properties.

Aerostone offers twin panel system which is a perfect choice for remote areas, since the walls, roof and remaining structure can be erected by a carpentry based team. The entire wall system can be loaded onto vehicles without requiring frames. The twin panel system also reduces wastage after construction, unlike conventional brick work. Aerostone offers twin panel system which offer good thermal properties and significantly helps in reducing energy consumption. The twin panel does not retain heat as most masonry based products. Aerostone has supplied its twin panel system, Hebel fencing, louvers, panels, blocks and mouldings to a number of projects. Aerostone supplies complete accessories and finishing touches that are required for various projects.