Aerostone  and CSR Hebel distributes a complete range of AAC block and panel systems for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Aerostone works closely with its clients to understand their construction needs and budget.

Aerostone supplies CSR Hebel panel wall systems which are an ideal substitute to timber or steel framed construction. The Hebel Power Panel is a corrosion-protected steel reinforced panel which is installed vertically. The Hebel Power Panel measures 75 millimetres. Each panel is equivalent in area to around 72 bricks and can be installed a short period of time. Hebel Power Panel is manufactured in industry standard lengths to minimise wastage.

Aerostone supplies panel wall systems which are strong, solid and easy to install. The panel wall systems are thermally efficient and environmentally friendly and offer a stylish rendered look.

Aerostone supplies Hebel blocks which have excellent thermal properties. Hebel block is extremely light for a masonry-based product and can be cut and shaped with standard hand tool. Aerostone supplies CSR Power floor which is a 75 millimetres thick steel reinforced panel. The panels are designed as a substitute to particle board flooring. CSR SoundFloor panels are fire retardant and offer excellent sound barrier and thermal insulation.