Aerobolt  also provides specialty fasteners that are designed for use on fiberglass reinforced panels. The Panlock fastening systems are available with varied bolt and nut dimensions. These bolts are supplied with nitrile weather seal under the head. The ANI AirCaulking gun is one of the latest products of Aerobolt. This gun is available in three models to suit the requirement of the customers.

The Manual Caulking Guns offered by Aerobolt are suitable for application in 310 ml cartridge and 310 ml sausage. They are pre-configured for sausage application. The barrel is made up of drawn aluminum and the handle is made up of die cast aluminum. The AVON 600ml is a wear compensating device and is pre-configured for sausage application. The Tyne310ml cartridge is a pneumatic caulking gun that contains parts that are replaceable. It contains a quick release end cap and an adjustable air regulator.

The other special products offered by Aerobolt include the Hydraulic Power Rig that is specifically designed to operate huck installation tools. It has a four way solenoid operated directional valve, idler valve and pressure relief valve on each circuit. Hand tools, nose applications and hose kits can be supplied along with the Hydraulic Power Rig if required. Aerobolt also offers a wide variety of tools on hire basis. These tools can be hired on weekly and on monthly basis.