Aerobolt  offers a wide range of sealant Adhesives. The Seal-flex and Bond-flex offered by Aerobolt are suitable for truck body building, road signage, automotive, architectural and marine applications. They are widely used adhesives especially when a tough flexible rubber sealant is required. The Seal-flex is available in white, grey and black colour. The Bond-flex is available in black and white colour.

Aerobolt provides a wide range of rivet tools. The Masterfix MFX 280 SM is a long arm riveter and is available in steel finish and is heavy. It comes with adjustable levers that help to set standard and structural rivets. The Masterfix R50S is a high speed air rivet tool and is capable of installing most rivets. The FHU 2000 is suitable for high speed installation of huckbolts and rivets. It is a heavy duty tool and has more transaction power compared to other tools. It is suitable for installing rivets up to 1/4” diameter.

Aerobolt offers Orlock structural blind rivet which is suitable for usage where the blind side material is a thin sheet metal or plastic. It covers a wide grip range and is ideal for application in trucks, trailers, buses, HVAC, building facades and the like. Aerobolt also offers a wide range of PoP rivets in steel, aluminum and stainless steel finish.