Advantage Air  offers a wide range of air-conditioning systems. The Gen III system is a reverse cycle air-conditioning system that uses superior technology in controlling and maintaining individual room temperature. It is a domestic air-conditioning system that allows the customers' home-automation system to exercise full control over the operation of the air-conditioners. It constantly regulates the airflow and air-conditioning unit. This enables it to efficiently maintain room temperature. The Gen III is 26% more efficient that the traditional ducted system. The Gen III system comes with external compressors that use non-ozone depleting refrigerants to deliver outstanding performance.

Gen III climate control system is a reverse air-conditioning system. It helps in saving maximum energy when compared to the other standard systems. It can be offered with wired or wireless colour touch screen control.

Advantage Air also offers a wide range of diffusers namely, Linear Elite Diffuser, StreemLine Diffuser, Half Streemline Grille, Baby Linear Diffuser, Silhouette Diffuser and Swivel Jet Diffuser. These diffusers help in maximizing air flow. These diffusers are also available with adjustable blades to direct air flow. Customers can choose a diffuser depending on the size of the room.