Advantage Air  offers an extensive range of heating and cooling systems. Zone 10 is the latest controlling product of Advantage Air, which uses its damper system to perform this function. Unlike the standard systems which are stuck within a constant zone, Zone 10 has capabilities for up to 10 zones to be controlled electronically using the damper system.

A standard system usually requires a dumping zone to deliver air whenever the system is on. On the other hand, Zone 10 does not require a dumping zone as it can automatically sense the number of zones closed and can select a zone to release the excess air when needed. Zone 10 is one of the unique products of Advantage Air as it can be used to control up to 10 zones in the house all at fingertip control.

Another exclusive temperature control product of Advantage Air is the VAV-T system. This can be used integrated with the Zone 10 system. It improves the efficiency of any air-conditioning system as it has complete control over the temperature of the room. One can choose Zone 10 with VAV-T when temperature control in a room is critical. Advantage Air also offers the Fresh Air option that can be used with a ducted air-conditioning system either as a fully integrated or a stand-alone product. This system can be worked either automatically or manually.