Frameless glass, a product from Adlei Glass Splashbacks can be used to fence pools. This fencing glass has only two posts that anchor to each panel and its sleek look makes it ideal to be used for pool fencing purposes. The Frostered glass from Adlei Glass Splashbacks can be used in areas which require minimum see through as it is made of ceramic coating.

Toughened mirrors, another glass product from Adlei Glass Splashbacks is ideal for application in areas which are more prone to heat. Adlei Glass Splashbacks also offers textured glass which is available in a wide range of texture. Glass which has some pattern embedded in it is also available. These glasses is suited for many applications.

The areas which require more cleaning can be installed with Wall Cladding, another product from Adlei Glass Splashbacks. Wall cladding can be used in areas such as bars, laundries, showers to name a few.

Clear Float glass from Adlei Glass Splashbacks is an affordable option as it already has much iron content which gives a natural green colour to the glass. Thereby, not many colours can be matched in this glass. Alternatively, the Sapphire glass, which has low iron content, can be matched with many colours as it gives a plain look. The glass products from Adlei Glass Splashbacks are available in various finishes including pearlescent, mettalic and solid finish.