Adlei Glass Splashbacks  specialises in a wide range of glass splashbacks. Adlei Glass Splashbacks offers an extensive range of coloured glass splashbacks which are sleek and stylish.

Adlei Glass Splashbacks offers a wide range of products which includes frameless glass balustrades, toughened mirror splashbacks, wall cladding, pool fencing and textured glasses. Toughened mirrors from Adlei Glass Splashbacks are 6 millimetre safety mirrors suitable for areas which are prone to heat like kitchen.

Wall cladding from Adlei Glass Splashbacks is a large 6 millimetre toughened safety glass ideal alternative for tiles in laundry, shower, bar areas, etc. Textured glass is 6 millimetre toughened safety glass which has a large variety of textures ideal for glass with pattern embedded.

Glass splashbacks from Adlei Glass Splashbacks are manufactured with 6 millimetre thick toughened safety glass which meets the AS 1288/1994 and AS 2047/1999 Australian standards. Adlei Glass Splashbacks offers two types of glass types which offer limitless colours which include clear float glass and starphire glass.