ADF Grates  is engaged in the manufacture of grates to suit different environments. The company offers both standardised grates and grates that suit specific requirements. ADF Grates aims at producing quality stainless galvanized slimline grating that transforms drainage grates into a neat surrounding.

These grates from ADF Grates are available in different configurations and dimensions to suit specific needs. ADF Grates provides grates for light weight pedestrian, forklift access and heavy vehicular applications to name a few.

ADF Grates designs and manufactures its products for long term use. It manufactures grates for driveway applications as well as for main entrances. ADF Grates manufactures grates of different sizes and shapes to suit different applications. For instance, the barefoot tread comfort is designed to suit entertainment areas and swimming pools.

The wheelchair accessible and bicycle safe is ideal to be used for bicycle ways and disabled applications. ADF Grates also offers longitudinal grates, impressive pit grates and slimline grates & preformed trenches.

ADF Grates has an active customer support system and it offers a portfolio of grates and other related products to match the customer needs. The motor vehicle and forklift accessibility can be used in driveways, commercial food preparation areas and other commercial places.