Made of stainless steel, the longitudinal grates from ADF Grates can be used for both external and internal applications. In order to suit different location requirements, the longitudinal grates are available in different widths, lengths and depths. These longitudinal grates from ADF Grates provide 60% open area for water drainage.

The stainless grates & preformed trenches from ADF Grates are available in a preformed state and it can be supplied both with and without flashings. These stainless grates are also available in different configurations to suit varied applications. These stainless grates are ideal to be used in courtyard, balconies, kitchens, pools and other areas which need a drainage outlet.

The stainless pit grates from ADF Grates are designed with safety as prime consideration. These stainless pit grates can also be supplied with preformed raises if they are used for elevation purposes. These pit grates are configured such that it suits locations where limited drainage areas can be affected.

Stainless grates & frames, yet another product from ADF Grates comes with angle frame and is available in various depths.

The galvanized 3mm slimline and 5mm longitudinal grates from ADF Grates have been specifically designed to suit heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas. This grate is suitable for external applications and its configuration varies according to specific applications.