VentureClad 1577CW jacketing available from Adept Industrial Solutions is used in insulation cladding and jacketing applications as a zero permeability, absolute vapour barrier.  

VentureClad jacketing is an innovative weatherproofing insulation and the completely self-adhesive product does not require additional adhesive or mastics to create a seal. 

The self-adhesive jacketing bonds 100% to the surface of the insulation providing a zero-permeability barrier that moisture cannot penetrate, ensuring a neat, clean and dependable weather barrier.   

Made of a 5-ply, self-adhesive material that installs quickly and easily with no special tools required, VentureClad 1577CW jacketing saves time, labour and cost.  

VentureClad 1577CW exceeds most building code requirements and can be used for new construction as well as on existing structures.  

The jacketing is available in natural aluminium, white, black, and stucco embossed texture.  

Key features of VentureClad jacketing: 

  • Unique adhesive system offers excellent resistance to moisture and UV exposure High performance jacketing performs well over a wide temperature range (-34ºC to +149ºC) 
  • Venture Tape CW cold weather acrylic adhesive applies easily at temperatures as cold as -23ºC 
  • Zero permeability, absolute vapour barrier 
  • High puncture-resistance and tear-resistance 
  • Contains tested and approved mould inhibiting agents   
  • Self-adhesive material installs easily with no off-site fabrication required 
  • Exceeds standard building design requirements (UL 723 10/20 Flame Spread/Smoke Rating) 
  • Allows application in a wide range of weather conditions including cold temperatures  
  • Easily cut with a pair of standard scissors, eliminating the need for expensive off-site fabrication and allowing fast, onsite tailored installation without special tools