Adept Industrial Solutions  presents a new range of 3M eyewear designed to deliver high quality optics and safety.

Most 3M glasses and goggles deliver reliable UV protection and all are tested to comply with AS/NZS1337.1.

The revised range includes the 3M Maxim GT with an in-built brow guard to prevent dust entering the eye, the 3M Fectoggle slimline dust goggle designed to fit close to the face and the 3M Virtua Sport CCS, which combines hearing protection with eye protection.

Most of the eyewear and goggle ranges can be used in combination with respiratory and hearing protection by 3M.

3M’s eyewear range includes 3M Maxim GT, Privo, BX, Lexa, 2740 SX 2000, Virtua, Virtua V4 and AP, 2700, Photochromic, Light Vision II Series, Maxim 2x2, Lexa Gogglegear, Fahrenheit, Fectoggle and 334 Economy goggles.

3M’s eyewear range comes with various options for polycarbonate lens, offering a choice of different colours and lens types for diverse industrial applications. Lens colour/type options include Clear, Gray/Bronze/Brown, Mirror/Coloured Mirror, Indoor/Outdoor, Photochromic, Polarized and Yellow/Amber.

3M’s safety eyewear can be used for general everyday eye protection and outdoor work during the daytime to tasks that involve constant movement between indoor and outdoor environments. All 3M polycarbonate safety lenses absorb 99.9% UV light.