Adept Industrial Solutions  presents the 3M 790 static monitors featuring a compact design and offering versatile operation.

Designed for mounting directly onto device handling equipment, testers, and auto insertion equipment, the 3M 790 static monitors can also be mounted at individual workstations.

Housed in static dissipative plastic, the 790 works by measuring the voltage potential on a person referenced to earth ground. The 790 uses a slide switch allowing the user to select the voltage level necessary for the specific job function being performed. For example 1V and 3V levels can be used for critical applications in disk drive and wafer fabrication manufacturing, while the 6V and 9V levels can be used for less sensitive work areas such as PCB assembly.

The 790 comes with a mounting plate that allows it to be permanently mounted at an ESD workstation or directly to a device handler, tester or auto insertion equipment. Power is supplied to the 790 through an AC adapter.

3M 790 static monitors also feature two wrist strap input jacks located on the front, which allow two operators to use a single 790 monitor unit at a workstation simultaneously. A green light indicates that the unit is ‘on’ and that all monitored connections are within set limits. Two red lights and an audible alarm flash and beep at different rates to indicate three separate alarm conditions: Exceeding voltage level set limit; Loss of contact between arm and wristband; and 790 disconnected from ground.

Feature highlights of the 3M 790 static monitors include audible and visible alarms; compact design; pre-selection of test voltages 1V, 3V 6V and 9V; static dissipative plastic housing; easy mounting to ESD work surface; and regulatory compliance UL & CE.

3M 790 static monitors are available from Adept Industrial Solutions.