According to Adept Industrial Solutions , all tapes can be die cut, laminated, slit, assembled and even packaged to the end user's specific requirements.

A die is a steel rule that is embedded into a timber board and shaped to suit the specific application. The tool is then used to punch out the required shape.

Manual conversion of tape typically results in 10% waste, excess labour and longer application time than a converted part.

Once the tape is die cut and converted it is entirely suited to that application, resulting in immediate savings and a reduction of material waste in production. It also helps to reduce the time taken to apply to finished goods.

Die cut tape provides increased productivity as it is easy to apply and speeds up production. It will also help to reduced process costs by saving on labour time, product waste and processing costs. It can also be used to hook attachments and on point of purchase displays. Die cut tape can also be used to bond acoustic panels to walls as well as mounting interior signs and nameplates. It can also be used for vibration damping purposes on electronic components.