Adept Industrial Solutions  offers a range of safety tape products from 3M designed for diverse applications in multiple environments.

3M 471 Series vinyl tape supplied by the company is durable, long-lasting as well as conformable and offers strong adhesion properties.

3M 471 Series vinyl tape is available in an attractive range of colours including yellow, blue, purple, green, red, orange, white, brown, black, yellow/black and red/white.

Key features of the adhesive vinyl tape include:

  • Resists abrasion, moisture and most chemicals
  • Colour throughout the vinyl, not just printed on the surface
  • Rubber adhesive adheres to most surfaces and has excellent holding strength
  • Tape is easy to apply and can be used to create sharp, straight lines around corners, curves or irregular surfaces
  • Comprehensive colours available to comply with Australian colour coding standards

3M 471 Series vinyl tape finds application in:

  • General work areas where personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary
  • Location and widths of aisles and traffic lanes
  • Pillars, posts or columns
  • Stop buttons and emergency strop controls
  • General marking
  • Colour coding