Available from Adept Industrial Solutions, 3M Scotch-Weld cylinder spray adhesives combine the convenience and freedom of an aerosol adhesive with the productivity of a bulk system.

Cylinder spray adhesives come in a convenient and cost effective package that make them an ideal alternative to typical drum adhesive systems. 3M cylinders utilise high strength, pressurised adhesives for industrial applications and on the job convenience.

This simple and effective spraying system offers productivity savings and requires minimal set and cleanup. Low VOC, styrene bonding and non-flammable formulations are available.

The product range includes:

Holdfast 70
Features:-   Polystyrene Foam Bonding (EPS), very fast tacking, HAPs Free (Hazardous Air Pollutants), heavy-body web spray with low soak-in on porous or irregular surfaces.
Markets:-    Motorhomes, marine, construction, urethane foam to wood, metal and plastic.

FoamFast 74NF
Features:-  Fast tacking, quickly reaches foam-tearing strength, soft, non dimpling glue line, non-flammable.
Markets:-  Furniture, Recreational vehicles, foam fabrication.

Spray Super 77
Features: - High Solids, high coverage, fast drying adhesive, uniform mist spray pattern, very low soak in, one or two surface bonding capabilities.
Markets:-  Marine and general industry

Post-Forming 94CA
Features:-  Low VOC formulation, HPAs Free, postformable high strength, low telegraphing spray pattern.
Markets:-  Building and construction, workworking, cabinetry and fixtures.

Hi-Strength 98NF
Features:-  High solids, fast drying, hi-strength laminate bonding, non-flammable.
Markets:-  Furniture/cabinets, motorhomes, marine, wood & displays.

More information on the range of cylinder spray adhesives is available from Adept Industrial Solutions.