The 3MTM Temperature Logger is a small electronic device designed to monitor the environmental conditions of temperature-sensitive goods in transit or in storage.User friendly and cost effective, the 3MTM Temperature Logger TL30 conforms to CFR data security standards and can be used for a variety of pharmaceutical, food, industrial, and other applications.

3M understands that maintaining cold chain parameters throughout the entire supply chain is critical to the freshness or efficacy of your product. The easy-to-use 3MTL-Series Temperature Logger software allows you to have control of your monitoring parameters; and our small, cost effective re-usable loggers allow you to collect more data on more shipments less money.

The 3M TL-Series Temperature Logger System operates using three simple components:

  • an easy-to-use software program
  • a TL-series USB PC connection cable
  • the standard TL30 Logger.

3M Temperature Logger TL30 is available from Adept Industrial Solutions.