3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Adhesives liquify when heated and quickly fill gaps and wet the bonding surface.

Applied to only one surface, the cool, harden , and reach bond strength in seconds. Usersu can move assemblies immediately and eliminate clamps, drying time and energy. Each adhesive is engineered for efficient applications with an easy-to-use 3M portable applicator and minimal operator training is required.

Unlike mechanical fasteners and sealing tapes, hot melt adhesive is virtually invisible between the mating surfaces.

Hot melts are 100% solids thermoplastic resins that can re-melt after bonding if exposed to high enough temperature.

There are many options for selecting melt point and heat resistance for specific applications:
  • Improve productivity
  • Minimise Waste
  • Available in hot and low melt options
Electronics and Electrical
  • Easily secure wires to resist strain and breakage
  • Quick setting for potting even at great depth
  • Terminate coils
  • Cable strain relief
  • Bundle wires for convenient handling
Point-of-purchase, displays, trade exhibits
  • Bond foam spacers into 3-dimensional corrugated cardboard POP display
  • Attach samples of wood flooring, laminates, foams, fabric or other materials and small products to display board
  • Attach decorations to baskets
  • Assemble dried floral arrangements
  • Bond polystyrene foam and other materials used in counter top displays, jewellery cases
Manual and corrugated carton sealing
  • Bond and seal any size and configuration of corrugated carton quickly and invisibly including RSCs, FOLs, and 5-panel folded
  • Securely bond lightly waxed surfaces that may be difficult for tape to seal
  • Attach inserts including heat-sensitive foam
Furniture and woodworking
  • Wood to wood assembly of non-structural components in home and office furniture cabinetry
  • Third-hand holding components while structural wood adhesive cures
  • Secure drawer bottoms, guides and stiffeners
  • Attach upholstery to wood and plastic
Product assembly
  • Bond metal to plastic nameplates to trophies
  • Quick easy assembly of many materials in luggage and carrying cases
  • Assemble many materials used in novelties, toys, games and costumes
Typical applications:
  • 3M TCQ 3738: General purpose for wood, furniture and plastics
  • 3M TCQ 3748: Good thermal and electrical properties, non-corrosive to copper, bonds PP
  • 3M TCQ 3762: Low cost, general purpose. Fast setting for corrugated packaging etc.
  • 3M TCQ 3762 Low Melt: Low temperature adhesive for beadboard, corrugated packaging etc
  • 3M TCQ 3764: Clear, can bond many plastics, wood, vinyl.Good impact resistance.
  • 3M TCQ 3789: High performance for plastics, wood and vinyl. Good impact resistance.
  • 3M 3792 Low Melt: Low temperature,long bonding range for many lightweight materials
  • 3M Gummy Glue: Low temperature adhesive that removes easily for temperature attaching lightweight items