Adept Industrial Solutions  offers Stylus high visibility reflective tape that is designed to reflect light when shone directly at it. This reflective self adhesive tape is weatherproof and suitable for internal and external applications and offers excellent reflective performance and durability.

This reflective marking tape has an engineering grade 7 year guarantee and conforms to EN 1289.1:2001 and ASTM 4956.

This reflective tape can be used to mark out bollards, posts, low beams, ramps, steps, and gateways or to highlight potential obstructions and hazards around the home, workplace and construction zones. 2800 class 2 reflective tape can be used to create signage that requires reflective substrate and can also be used in ID safety zones, restricted areas, emergency exits and first aid zones.

Waterproof and UV stable, this reflective tape will not rot or become brittle and has a temperature resistance from 40°C up to 82°C. The tape has a wide angle reflection and can also be printed on.

This reflective tape is available in green, red, silver, white and yellow solid colours and in red/white, red/yellow, black/yellow stripes. The reflective tape can be can be cut to any width from 12mm - 1220mm x 45.7M.