Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies  provides a wide range of Flexivinyl Hot Melt Compounds. These Flexivinyl Hot Melt Compounds are a series of vinyl based flexible mould making materials, which are tough and need no release agents.

The Flexivinyl range is designed for the manufacture of flexible moulds for casting concrete, plaster resins (GRP), plasters and waxes. Flexivinyl had good tensile strength, and is available in grades varying from high flexibility to hard (but resilient) compounds with melting temperatures of about 150°C and 170°C.

Flexivinyl Hot Melt Compounds are resistant to water and many chemicals, and are not affected by climatic conditions; consequently changes of humidity in the air do not alter the shape of the moulds, nor do they fry out. Moulds made from Flexivinyl can be stored for years and will be found as good as when they were first made.

The finest detail can be reproduced: rough surfaces will reproduce rough, while glossy or polished surfaces will leave the mould face with the original degree of gloss or polish, even blemished or faults will be reproduced. All Flexivinyls melt to pourable liquids and since the two grades of the low melt group may be mixed, compounds with intermediate flexibilities can be obtained.

Hundreds of casts can often be made from one mould (depending on the casting material); the mould may then be re-melted, re-cast and used again. The softening temperature of Flexivinyl is sufficiently high for temperatures of up to 80°C not to significantly affect them.

Flexivinyl is available at Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies in various sizes: 1kg, 5kg and 20kg at competitive prices.