Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies  introduces the new member of the IWATA compressor family, the IS 925 Power Jet Plus. This compressor is perfect for custom graphics, sign making etcetera.

The IS 925 Power Jet Plus works well in the following applications:

  • Fine arts
  • Automotive repair
  • General airbrushing
  • Commercial illustration
  • Hobbies/models
  • Crafts
  • Fingernail painting
  • Cosmetics
The IS 925 Power Jet Plus has a nice and steady air flow of 1.37 cfm or 39 lb/pm, due largely to a receiving tank incorporated in the handle of the unit which makes for an uninterrupted smooth airflow. It also makes it compact and very portable, together with its light weight (7.1kg) and small footprint of 28x16x27.5cm. The Handle Tank IS925 Power Jet Plus comes complete with an airbrush hose and moisture filter/regulator.

This compressor has been designed with the professional artist, or hobbyist in mind for serious airbrushing applications. The new IS 925 Power Jet HT has retained its quiet and solid performance, making it a great choice for home use. Of course IWATA’s legendary build quality and spare parts availability, make this a purchase people will not regret.