Addax Business Solutions  provides Greentree software which offers module based financial management service, tailored product suite, internet enabled service, customised tool set, local know how and MS-office integration.

Greentrree functions well in exploration, construction and production stage. Greentree is a real-time, on-line integrated system designed for both large and medium enterprises. It offers integration of desktop tools like Microsoft excel, Microsoft word and is used for financial reporting, mail-merging, budget modeling and transaction creation.

The Appliction on Demand (AOD) package offered by Addax Business Solutions reduces hardware purchase and operational costs. It also aids in trouble-free application software upgradation, internet enabled services, elimination of back-up procedure, additional data integrity and security and more hardware options.

Addax Business Solutions offers integrated CBA solution, which aids in cost effective accounting system catering to individual industry requirements. It aids in providing an efficient and reliable base for financial management services. The CBA system includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, book interface, cash book, bill of material, cost management, fixed asset, general ledger, special pricing, periodic selling, point of sale and purchase orders. CBA can be used for Movell, DOS and Astro UNIX.