Addax Business Solutions  offers information technology and business management solutions to corporate organisations. The services that Addax Business Solutions provides to its clients include industry specific templates, package discounts and professional support services.

Addax Business Solutions offers business projects to their clients to work operationally faster with quick benefits and lower costs. Addax Business Solutions has 20 years of experience in training, consulting and implementing business information management solutions. They develop industry packages only after understanding the core characteristics, needs, strength and weaknesses of a particular industry.

The professional support services offered by Addax Business Solutions include IT infrastructure, training and support teams. Addax Business Solutions' product range includes Application on Demand (AOD), Greentree, Qlikview.

Addax Business Solutions also offers Addax Mining Operation Solutions (AMOX) whose foundation is Greentree project. Greentree is a windows-based financial software that provides comprehensive functionality, reliability, connectivity and professional support services to the mining industry. Greentree software offered by Addax Business Solutions manages financial transaction, purchasing, payroll function, inventory, job cost, human resources, requisition function and occupational health and safety.

The services offered by Greentree software includes statutory and management reporting, tracking cost, managing purchasing and payable, providing information management solutions and consolidation of reports.