Adda Flagpoles  offers banners with lockable doors and rotating arms. The rotating arms offered by Adda Flagpoles can be adjusted to most standard flagpoles and can be easily installed by one person.

To install the rotating banner, first the lockable door and halyard rope is opened. Then the banner is slided over a stainless steel arm and weighted slings are attached. The banner is then raised until the arm is locked into the casted aluminium top. Later the ropes are replaced and the sliding access door is locked.

The aluminium used for the banners never rust and can be powder coated to provide different colours to it. The aluminium used by Adda Flagpoles is obtained by extruding 6000 series of aluminium, which has high durability and strength. The foundation size differs with every pole and factors like wind and terrain are also considered while installing the poles.

Adda Flagpoles also has various local councils to help their customers at every stage by providing them with relevant information on various designs and products available.