Adda Flagpoles designs and manufactures a wide range of flagpoles which can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Adda Flagpoles also offers powder coat finishing and installation services to its customers. Their aim is to provide customers maximum satisfaction by providing services catering to individual requirements.

Adda Flagpoles has been operating in this business for the past 29 years and it has successfully completed many projects including the International Airport in Auckland, the new Parliament Houses in Canberra and Sydney, Haymarket project in Melbourne, Papua New Guinea and Darling Harbour Sydney.

Adda Flagpoles also supplied and installed flagpoles for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The company installed flagpoles in the main stadium and in majority of the Olympic venues.

Adda Flagpoles offers an entire gamut of tapered aluminium flagpoles, which require minimum maintenance and are easy to install. The varieties of tapered aluminium flagpoles include satin, anodised and powder coated aluminium. The poles are installed with the help of pulleys, trucks, base plates, wall brackets and flag chips. Adda Flagpoles also offers poles with cross arms, gaff arms, hinge base, vandal-resistant halyards and tabernacles.