The Glide cable management system from ADC KRONE provides a user friendly, well managed and neat cabling infrastructure for floors, building distributor and IT environments. Glide cable management system is very flexible and it is possible to make changes easily and accurately. In this system, excess cable lengths are managed with the help of slack managers.
Wireless solutions from ADC KRONE include IP-RAN solutions and wireless DAS solutions. ADC KRONE makes use of the high performance FlexWave solutions in wireless networking. The FlexWave base station system provides outdoor and in-building GPRS, EDGE and GSM coverage. The base station system also offers tailor made coverage for customers, which is cost effective. Some of the components of FlexWave system includes base station controller, operation and maintenance center.
FlexWave WiMAX solutions provide important elements required to service a large customer base, ranging from public sector companies, residences to large enterprises. WiMAX solutions from ADC KRONE are designed with proven technologies and they offer multimedia, data and voice solutions.
The wireless solutions from ADC KRONE also offer Digivance antenna systems and ClearGain amplifier systems. The Digivance systems include long range coverage, in-building coverage and street level coverage solutions. Street level coverage systems enable the service providers in improving their capacity in urban areas, while the ClearGain systems from ADC KRONE include tower mounted amplifiers and ground mounted amplifiers.