ADC KRONE  is known for supplying integration services and software solutions for broadband network. ADC KRONE also provides network equipment, multiservice network that deliver video, voice and data communications through internet, wireless devices and telephones. ADC KRONE supplies high speed, high quality data, voice and video services to business establishments and consumers.
ADC KRONE established in 1935, is known for providing network infrastructure products and services globally. ADC KRONE caters to the needs of business, residential and mobile subscribers. ADC acquired the KRONE Group in 2004 and now provides copper based connectivity and cabling products worldwide. These are commonly used in enterprise network and public access.
Professional services throughout the lifecycle of a technology are also offered to customers. ADC KRONE is engaged in creating and maintaining wireless, wireline, enterprise and cable network. ADC KRONE handles everything from network design; turn-up and testing to the training and maintenance.
Radio access network is also supplied to improve the network coverage and in remote areas. ADC KRONE supplies fibre infrastructure globally, for easy operation of fibre intensive broadband network. ADC KRONE provides reliable solutions to its customers and helps increase revenues and improve customer satisfaction.