Actual Survey Instruments  is a distributor of gradel lasers, measuring wheels, building and construction products. Actual Survey Instruments has been operating in this business for the past 15 years. This company is the supplier of various brands including Leica, Mikrofyn, Meter Man, Spectra Precision, Robotoolz, Roto-Sure, Laser Alignment, Laser Technology and Lasers.

Actual Survey Instruments also supplies a wide range building and construction products and surveying instruments including electronic total stations, electronic theodolites, laser products, optical rangefinders, electronic distance meters, optical levels, measuring wheels and instrument service.

Actual Survey Instruments provides various varieties of Leica surveying instruments including runners, NA 700, sprinters, theodolite, total stations, pipe laser, Digi Cat and construction laser. The Leica runner 24 automatic level is an air-damped compensator which is simple to use and is budget priced.

Actual Survey Instruments provides a complete set of instruments including a pentaprism, tripod and telescopic leveling staff. NA 700 offered by Actual Survey Instruments is designed specially for builders, surveyors and engineers. It has optics which facilitates reliable and accurate telescopic magnification.

Total station offered by Actual Survey Instruments aids in measuring distance electronically up to 250m. It has excellent hardware features which help in processing and editing data efficiently.