Actual Survey Instruments offers a variety of magnetic locators and measuring wheels including Magna Trak 100, 102, 200 series, Meter Man measuring wheels and Roto-Sure measuring wheels. Actual Survey Instruments also offers variety of measuring wheels including MM12, MM18, MM31 and MM60.

MM12 is a distance measuring wheel used by decorators, painters, appraisers, estimators, insurance agents, mall walkers and carpet installers. MM18 offered by Actual Survey Instruments is used by concrete installers, realtors, claims agents and roofers for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

MM31 has a wheel diameter of 25.40cm and weighs 1.3kg. It is used by golf course supervisors, electricians, plasters, target shooters, archers, coaches, landscapers and in health clubs.

MM60 is an all terrain measuring tool which is suitable for outdoor applications. It is used by ranchers, tractor pull operators, electricians and physical fitness operators.

The Magna Trak 100 magnetic locator offered by Actual Survey Instruments is resistant to water and includes features like LCD visual display, audio tone, easy grip and a light weight structure. It also provides an outstanding battery life and easy battery access. The Magna Trak 102 magnetic locator has a power line indicator and LCD panel.