Active Crane Hire  sells and hires wide range of electric luffing cranes which are suitable for construction sites where there is space constraint and over crowded. The electric luffing cranes provide hook space of 100m and are used to avoid mobile or static obstacles. The electric luffing cranes have automatic safety management system which provides driving comfort.

Active Crane Hire offers electric luffing cranes which operate on low costs and use minimum power. The other products offered by Active Crane Hire include high quality material and non material hoists and accessories. The hoists are used to transport both materials and workers to various floors in residential and commercial buildings thereby providing a safe working environment.

The material hoists offered by Active Crane Hire have lift capacity ranging from 600kg to 1500kg. The safety devices offered by Active Crane Hire includes breaking gear motors, emergency parachute brake, rise safety limit switch, exit locking limit switch, lockable control panel, control panel with emergency stop push and side over tuning entry. The material hoist delta MC suits various operational tasks and caters to individual project requirements.