Active Crane Hire  sells and hires an entire gamut of self erecting, electric luffing and top slewing cranes. The remote control potain self erecting cranes are rapid, simple and autonomous and are suitable for construction sites of small duration and the one which requires infrequent operations.

The self erecting cranes offered by Active Crane Hire can be easily installed and commissioned in one day and are used to build small to medium sized houses. It also aids in reducing stress and disruption of the local residential by using emission free electric operation.

Active Crane Hire provides various models of self erecting cranes including IGO 13, HD 16C, IGO 36 and HD 40A. All the models can be easily transported on a trailer, single train or a semi trailer and aids in rapid erection and unfolding. It uses hydraulic technology to function quickly and efficiently.

Active Crane Hire offers top slewing cranes which can easily adapt itself to the working environment. They are modular and telescopic and are mostly suitable for urban areas. The top slewing cranes are used for commercial projects and multi-storey apartment dwellings.