The busy environment of healthcare facilities also means the interiors are constantly subjected to battering from heavy visitor traffic as well as equipment movement. To ensure protection to both visitors and the interiors, Acculine Architectural Systems recommends three useful products that can be easily fitted in these settings.

Inpro 940 Smooth Handrails

Ideal for the corridors of hospitals and aged care facilities, the Inpro 940 smooth handrails combine the durability of rigid sheet material with a smooth texture, resistant to scratches and dents. Perfect for the rigours of high traffic environments, the handrails are also easy to clean, ensuring hygiene.

The Inpro 940 offers greater circumference and distance between handrail and wall, enabling firmer grip for the user. This design not only allows patients and visitors to move safely down corridors but also protects these areas from damage. Architects and designers choose the Inpro 940 handrail because of its contemporary elegance and guaranteed longevity.

Clear Polycarbonate Corner Guards

Foot traffic and equipment movement in the bustling environments of healthcare facilities can expose walls and corners to a real battering. Corners of walls are the most exposed to damage, making corner guards essential in high traffic areas. Clear polycarbonate corner guards can be used to protect light impact areas from this damage.

Featuring a slim design, the Inpro clear polycarbonate corner guards enable architects and interior designers to protect vulnerable areas without compromising the aesthetics of the wall; made of clear polycarbonate, these guards allow the wall colour or pattern to show through, minimising design interruption. Flexible guards are also available for odd angles.

Door Frame Guards

Functioning as transition points for entering and exiting traffic, door frames are vulnerable to damage in healthcare settings. Installing door frame guards can protect frames from knocks and scrapes caused by carts, beds, luggage and wheelchairs. They can be used in the high traffic doorways of corridors, bedrooms and storerooms.

Custom formed door frame guards ensure a perfect fit and lasting protection, eliminating damage from trolleys, equipment and wheelchairs. Made from robust materials that can handle the daily demands of heavy duty environments, door frame guards can significantly reduce maintenance and replacement costs over the lifecycle of the building.

Image: Inpro 940 Smooth Handrail