Vertical and horizontal screens from Acculine Architectural Systems were specified by Hayball Architects for the Camberwell Girls Grammar School in Melbourne to shield the classrooms from the glare of the summer sun.

Designed by Hayball Architects and built by Contract Control Services in 2012, the three-storeyed Camberwell Girls Grammar School has invested in state-of-the-art buildings and facilities for their staff and students.

Using Acculine’s perforated metal screens, Hayball Architects has fashioned an architectural statement of excellence. Featuring fiery trims of a custom powder coat colour Uluru in the horizontal window screens, each window is effectively shielded from the summer glare. The vertical screens, akin to shimmering fins, shield the elongated windows, cleverly shading the rooms within, without blocking the light.

Acculine’s screens are available for vertical, horizontal, cantilevered or suspended installations, either to provide shade protection to the building or add an eye-catching feature to the facade. The screens can be of almost any material, evenly perforated or perforated with a pattern or written message.