Architecture firm Woodhead Architects worked with Acculine Architectural Systems to design efficient ventilation solutions for the new ALDI Distribution Centre in Dandenong, VIC.

Developed by ALDI Foods, the Dandenong distribution facility is an impressive structure designed to have significant impact on consumers and competition alike.

Acculine was engaged to supply and install a range of fixed louvres and natural ventilation systems at the ALDI Distribution Centre. The solutions were based on natural ventilation principles to ensure a cost-effective and healthy work environment.

Acculine supplied OVATA high capacity continuous ridge ventilators and Hampton 100 Series louvres with vermin proofing.

While heat is released at the roofline, fresh air is drawn in through the venting louvres lower down within the building facade, thereby creating a circular flow that purges stale hot air, and replaces it with cool and fresh air.