Screening is an important feature of Australian architecture, given the harsh environment and climate extremes. Selecting the right screening solution can be complicated since there are so many amazing products in the market.

Acculine Architectural Systems lists out three of their favourite screening products for home and building owners to consider:

Aluminium Extruded Louvres

Built into walls or fixed to the outside of a building, aluminium extruded louvres are designed for vertical and horizontal installations, adding a contemporary edge to any architecture. Available in a choice of sizes to suit different applications, these louvres also offer multi-configurable profiles including varying widths and shapes. Installed to meet ventilation, shading and aesthetic requirements, aluminium extruded louvres come in various frame sizes and bracket options to facilitate installation.

Customised Facades

Designed to impress, customised facades add a contemporary and distinctive touch to any building as they stand out for their original designs. Customised facades offer the flexibility of choosing a sleek, contemporary look or embracing a more flamboyant design with endless possibilities using regular or irregular patterns and 3D-look finishes.

Sun Screening 

A highly functional solution that delivers energy savings and living comfort, sun screening is a standard form of shading that provides protection against the sun. Available as an alternative to glazed glass or blinds, it offers effective year-round climate control, reducing energy consumption. Sun screening solutions are lightweight, visually appealing, low maintenance and versatile – perfect for harsh Aussie conditions.