About Space has developed a range of intelligent wall lights which aim to use the available space to its best potential. The collection features 22 lights with some reflecting classic 20th century pieces and others more cutting edge by modern designers. The finest quality raw materials have been used in the manufacturing process including stainless steel, aluminium and frosted glass, finished with a polished or matt chrome layer.

Swell wall lights are the most unique in design, resembling an open flower. It is a replica of Studio Tetrarch ‘Pistillo’ lights from 1969 and is made from injection moulded ABS with a chrome finish.

Lucy, Mrs Mills, Swing and Hula lights all feature a more traditional design with extending arm for more control over the light placement. Lucy lights are made from PVC with a white finish, and uses an energy saving light bulb. Mrs Mills and Swing are manufactured from carbon steel, aluminium and fabric, while Hula lights are manufactured from aluminium and fabric with a white finish.

Colorado, Como, Kenzo, Domino, Kyoto, Cluny, Faros and Scout wall lights all feature angular contemporary designs and are predominately manufactured from graphite, iron, frosted glass and stainless steel.