About Space has designed and manufactured a beautiful range of 21 traditional and contemporary styled table lamps. The collection aims to utilise available space through intelligent lighting, creating lighter, brighter and more spacious rooms where little space is available. The functional lamps are a combination of 20th century replicas and simple, clean shapes from modern designers.

Ruby lamps are compact and feature an intricate wire design with red fabric to create a romantic and low light effect. Egg lamps are made from white opaque glass and are available in small, medium and large. Lara lamps are made from clear or frosted glass and steel and resemble a wine bottle, medium sized glass bottle, and a port bottle. The design is based on Guido Rosati’s ‘Bacco 123’ from 2004.

Brainwave table lamps resemble large light bulbs and are manufactured from clear glass. Cavallo features a black ceramic horse stand with black fabric shade and is a replica of the 2006 ‘Horse Lamp’. Other contemporary designs include Sparta, Munich, Lah and Paris.

More classic styled table lamps includes Edson, Dorian, Royce, Cooper, Avoca and Zucco which all have a adjustable stands to control the light direction, and Ikon, Westwood, Lindon, Turin, Dakota and Morris which all feature classic large shades over thin, cylindrical stands.