As Australian Government gradually phases out incandescent light bulbs the eco-friendly alternatives available are unfortunately often expensive, unattractive or both. About Space , however, believe they have found a solution to this predicament.

The Convertible Light Bulb offers a product that both preserves the visual appeal of the incandescent bulb, but is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative. 

The revolutionary design concept features a range of glass adaptor covers and an internal lamp that is available with either a bayonet or screw base. The lamps are compatible with any standard Australian light socket and the necessary wattage can be selected.
Benefits of the Convertible Light Bulb include the following:

  • Environmentally friendly by reducing glass waste
  • On average up to 2000 hours rated life
  • Cost effective
  • Bori-silica crystal glass covers are available in a range of shapes sizes and finishes;and
  • Easy to alter the appearance of lamp.

Further information about the Convertible bulb range can be found on the About space website.