Aben Technical Services  provides welding, inspection and testing services to engineering services, plant owners and metal industries. These services from Aben Technical Services are reliable and effective.

Welding supervisors and inspectors from Aben Technical Services is involved in testing and inspecting welding techniques on pressure equipment and piping. Aben Technical Services provide welding support to various projects. The qualified staffs provides assistance to select welding techniques, determine weld procedure, perform site and safety audits, setting up test plans, establish and conduct quality assurance services.

Aben Technical Services provide bulk storage, process plant and equipment survey services. The plant survey services from Aben Technical Services include inspection of process piping to AP1570, Pressure vessels to AS3788 and AP1510, storage tanks. The equipment surveys include inspection of elevated work platforms, chains and slings, cranes and lifting equipment. Detailed recommendations and inspection reports are given with help of engineers.

Fabrication inspectors from Aben Technical Services provide fabrication support and on site checks during construction of fabrications, storage tanks, pressure vessels, piping systems, repairs to equipment. The inspection personnel have knowledge on fabrication standards including AS1554, AS1210, AS1629 and ASME B31.5 and so on. The inspection personnel give a detailed report during each visit.