Aben Technical Services  specialises in offering non-destructive testing, auditing, inspection and technical services. Aben Technical Services provide these services to engineering services, plant owners and metal industries.

Aben Technical Services is NATA accredited laboratory and provides non-destructive services. Trained and experienced technicians from Aben Technical Services perform these non-destructive services. Non-destructive services are provided in radiography and ultrasonic testing of castings, thickness mapping, welds and forgings. Aben Technical Services also cover Eddy current testing of welds, gears, boltholes and tubes, vacuum box testing of tank floor bottoms, magnetic flux leakage tank floor testing service under non-destructive services.

Metal and welding testing service from Aben Technical Services is provided mechanically and it allows testing of metal samples present in wrought, cast and forged forms. Aben Technical Services also accomplish weld procedure qualification. Mechanical tests provided by Aben Technical Services include bend tests, macro examination, tensile testing, charpy impact testing down to -128”c and hardness testing.

Aben Technical Services offers metallurgy services with help of qualified metallurgist who are experienced in metal analysis, metallurgical investigations and failure analysis and metallographic. On site metallurgy services is offered by Aben Technical Services with help of parent metal identification testing, replication testing and ferroxyl tests.