Abcon Office Furniture  is a manufacturer and supplier of office furniture and accessories such as desks, workstations, chairs, filing cabinets and the like.

Boardroom furniture from Abcon Office Furniture include tables and chairs. These are available in a number of sizes and dimensions as per customer requirements. The Art 1090 range of boardroom chairs are popular products from Abcon Office Furniture.

The hospitality range of furniture from Abcon Office Furniture includes dining chairs, lounges and club chairs, bar stools, gaming stools and event chairs. Table bases and tops include the Deluxe table base, Flange table base, Spike table base and many others.

Storage furniture from Abcon Office Furniture include bookcases, cabinets and stationary cupboards. These are available in all sizes and dimensions and can be purchased according to customer needs. The Precision Smartstore features lockable doors, curved edges and a computer printout frame and is considered a high quality product.

Screens from Abcon Office Furniture consist of white boards, pin boards, conference cabinets and planners. Popular free standing screens from Abcon Office Furniture are the display screens, free standing economy and modular screens.