Abcon Office Furniture  is a producer and supplier of quality office furniture used in commercial establishments, businesses and offices across Australia. Some of its major products include office chairs and desks, storage units, filing cabinets, screens and displays.

Display and wall units from Abcon Office Furniture are built, keeping aesthetics and practicality in mind. These are availble in the sizes and dimensions as required by customers. 

The glass showcases from Abcon Office Furniture are counter top cases, glass counters, Hex Island Tower display cases, jewellery display cases, Square Tower display cases and wall cases. These are categorised on the basis of their size and storage capacity.

Plan and Print cabinets and Precision Horizontal Plan cabinets are part of the Plan cabinet range from Abcon Office Furniture.

The three types of projection screens from Abcon Office Furniture are the motorised screen, wall mounted screen and the tripod screen. Slatwalls from Abcon Office Furniture are used in shoe stores and hardware stores for product display.