Abacus Shade Structures  has been a supplier and manufacturer of shaded structures and tarpaulins since 1984. Permanent shaded structures are used in schools and restaurants whereas semi-permanent ones are used at events and get togethers. Some of its speciality products are cantilevered structures, waterproof structures and many more.

Abacus Shade Structures is able to offer tarpaulins and screens to customers in any shape or size. These can be used as temporary or permanent fixtures. These screens can be used in construction areas to protect passers by from dust, grime and pollution. Screens made of PVC can be used in areas to reduce glare. Shade screens also assist in reducing evaporation.

Abacus Shade Structures also offers a number of fittings and hardware. Span shade knuckles are a patented system which are used especially in Abacus structures. These are made of high quality aluminium and do not rust. Abacus Shade Structures is also a distributor of high quality James Glenn range of stainless steel products.
Some of the fixtures that Abacus Shade Structures supplies are those which make installation of its shade structures easier. These are turnbuckles, eye bolts, bow shackles and many more.