Abacus Shade Structures  has been a supplier and manufacturer of shaded structures and tarpaulins since 1984. Permanent shaded structures are used in schools and restaurants whereas semi-permanent ones are used at events and get togethers. Some of Abacus Shade Structures' speciality products are cantilevered structures, waterproof structures and many more.

Cantilevered structures are built of an unobtrusive framework keeping the aesthetic sense in mind. The framework is simple yet sturdy. These structures are used in car parks, schools, spas and as shades over swimming pools in a large number of places in Australia.
Waterproof structures from Abacus Shade Structures are weatherproof and sturdy. These can be used in any season or climate and are cost-effective. They are built with the help of the latest technology making them highly versatile and useful. These structures from Abacus Shade Structures are used in open air restaurants, terraces, colleges and clubs. Clear cut designs and lines are a feature of these waterproof structures from Abacus Shade Structures.
Abacus Shade Structures also provides residential and commercial units with a wide range of trampolines. The trampolines are available in the regular rectangular shape or the round shape. These comply with all Australian standards of safety and design.