Aalto Colour WA  is a specialist in paints and paint services, in and around Australia. The product range from Aalto Colour WA includes topcoat interior, topcoat exterior and undercoats.

Topcoat interior products include Aalto matt acrylic, Aalto Broadwall ultra low sheen, Aalto semi gloss acrylic and the like. Aalto cabinet paint is suitable for low maintenance areas such as museums and galleries, while Aalto precious metal is a quick drying paint that gives a metallic finish. Most of the products provided by Aalto Colour WA require low maintenance and are quick drying in nature.

Topcoat exterior products from Aalto Colour WA include Aalto Impasto, Aalto Cardinal, Aalto gloss enamel and the like. Aalto floor and paving paint can be used for floors, driveways and pavings and this product category has options of over a thousand colours.

Undercoats from Aalto Colour WA consist of Aalto quicksand, Aalto grip, Aalto masonery sealer, Aalto Corroless QD and many more. Aalto galvanised primer is a specialist paint that can be used for steel and galvanised surfaces.